Download IIF files

Download IIF Chart of Accounts
Download IIF Chart of Accounts with Sub Categories

To use the files, it is best to start with a new company file in Quickbooks with no default chart of accounts. When creating a new company, if you select “other/none” for the type of business, it will create a chart of accounts with only 4 or 5 categories. These IIF files are intended to merge with those minimum default accounts.

If you want to show account numbers, go to “Preferences” in Quickbooks, and under the Accounting options for Company you should see a checkbox to use account numbers. The default account numbers on the original accounts use 5 digits, and the account numbers in these IIF files use 4 digits, so we recommend changing the existing account numbers to match our pattern as follows:

Account Change to
Payroll Liabilities 2250
Opening Bal Equity 3000
Retained Earnings 3300
Payroll Expenses 6000

To import the files, in Quickbooks click on File, Utilities, Import, IIF files.