Billing in Advance & Receiving Payments

With catering sales, there may be a need to record the sale of the event prior to receiving the payment. These sales are also recorded on the Make Money screen.

The sale can be recorded as one transaction, and the receipt of payment can be recorded as a separate transaction on a different date. To create the original sale transaction, proceed as described in Entering Sales, and choose Accounts Receivable as the Payments Received method.

When you are receiving a payment on a sale you previously recorded, select the Make Money screen again.

Transaction Type: select Receive Payment.

Customer: select the same customer you used to create the original sale.

Applied to: if you are applying the payment to a previous sale, choose Accounts Receivable. You can also use this section to record an advance deposit from a customer, under Customer Deposits.

Paid With: This is the area to record the cash, checks, and card payments from the customers. This area is also used if the customer has an advance deposit or a credit with you.

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