Entering Receipts & Bills

To enter receipts from purchases, utility bills, and other expenses, select the Spend Money screen.

All of the receipts for your food purchases, cleaning supplies, service invoices, and utilities will all be entered in a similar manner.

Transaction Type: select Purchase

Entity: select the vendor or store, or type in a new one.

Transaction Date: enter the date on the receipt or invoice, or the date of the purchase

Items purchased: This is the area to record the food, beverages, and other items you purchased. Food and beverages may be records in the Inventory accounts or the Cost Of Sales accounts, depending on whether you will be adjusting inventory. For bills, select the Utilities account or appropriate expense account. You should also record sales tax paid on anything you purchased.

Paid From: This is the area to record the cash, check, credit cards, or debit cards you used to pay the receipt or bill. Both check and debit card payments should be recorded on the bank account they use. This area is also used if you have an advance deposit with the vendor that they have applied. If they allow you to pay on terms, record this as Accounts Payable.

The total of the items purchased must equal the total of the payment methods. You can use any combination of payment methods, so if you paid with part cash and part credit card you just enter the appropriate amounts on each line.

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