Paying Debts

Whenever you send a payment for a credit card debt or vendor balance due, select the Spend Money screen.

Some of the payments you send out are not a direct payment for the purchase of goods or services, or they represent goods you have already recorded. These payments are recorded as Payment Sent.

Transaction Type: select Payment Sent

Credit Co: select the vendor or credit card company

Transaction Date: select the date you sent the payment

Debts Paid: In this section select Accounts Payable if you are paying a vendor, or the credit card account you are making a payment on.

Paid With: This is the area to record the cash, checks, cards you use to pay. If you write a check or use an online payment from your bank account, select the appropriate bank account. You could also use a credit card to pay a vendor, or if you roll a balance from one credit card to another.

The total of the debts paid must equal the total of the payment methods.

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