Bookkeeping Tips for Independent Restaurant Owners

For the restaurant owner that wants to manage their finances without taking a class in accounting, it can be difficult to find answers to the most basic, beginner questions.

This site explains the most basic of accounting and bookkeeping concepts, and how to apply those concepts to the restaurant industry. We aim to answer the simplest questions, and provide the starting point for the new business owner that knows nothing about finances.

We will also cover some subjects in more detail, and provide tools, links, and training guides that focus on small restaurants and other food service businesses.

Online Accounting for Restaurants

Online AccountingTwo ways to try the program:

Our online accounting program allows the independent restaurant owner to keep their basic accounting records up to date, and to print the kind of reports that you just can’t get from other accounting programs.

You just enter sales, enter receipts, and print reports.

By narrowing our focus to only restaurants, we are creating an accounting program that fits the way the typical small restaurant operates. The chart of accounts is already set up, using recommendations from the National Restaurant Association.

Some of the most common reports that restaurant owners want to see, such as a comparison of food costs to food revenues on a weekly basis, are ready to run as soon as you get some data entered. There is no complicated set up, and we don’t try to link to your bank account or other systems.

The goal is to provide a simple screen to enter receipts, that speeds up data entry, and allow you to enter information in the same way it is recorded on the receipt. You only need a couple of numbers from your cash register or POS system for each business day. Even with stacks of small receipts from purchases, all of the data entry for a typical restaurant should be completed in just a few minutes per week.