Simpliflex is a small company focused on the data management needs of very small business. We started in 2001 when Jeff Breeden took over a legacy point-of-sale application used by Supercuts, and have been working with small business owners to collect, analyze, and report on their data ever since.

After working with a local small restaurant that needed help with bookkeeping, we realized that none of the accounting programs that were suitable for small business were a good match for the restaurant industry. The pattern of receipts, and the type of reports needed, were simply a poor fit with every online accounting application we tried.

So we created SimpleRestaurantAccounting.com to meet the needs of the smallest restaurants where the owner or operator just wants a simple tool to enter receipts, enter sales totals from the register, and get the reports they need.

We no longer work with POS systems, but we benefit from a deep understanding of the retail side of business management, and how those systems integrate with your accounting system.